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He put his hand on Thomas's shoulder, then let it slump to his side. Tears moistened Newt's eyes, and Thomas was sure that even within the dark chamber of memories that were locked away, out of his reach, he'd never seen someone look so sad.


第一部有写到Newt害怕迷宫,加上第三部里Newt说过的【】,有时候看到小说里Newt意志坚定甚至是活泼(。)地担任二当家的角色的时候,我还是会想他到底是怎么从当初【】以后那么抑郁的状态恢复的。从CP角度说有点遗憾当时不是Minho而是Alby把Newt从迷宫里救出来,但是Minho肯定也帮忙让Newt恢复了;w; AO3里类似的同人已经有几篇了说明不是我一个人有这样的脑洞;w;

Relief washed through him an instant later when he realized it was Newt and a group of Gladers. The West Door to the Glade towered over them and it was open. They'd made it back. 

At the boys' appearance, Newt limped over to them. “What happened?” he asked; he sounded almost angry. “How in the bloody—”

Minho他们被关在迷宫一晚上回来以后Newt的反应。忍不住想Newt大概会在迷宫门口坐一晚上;w; 电影里改成Newt没看见他们就掉头离开简直【【【。

Then Minho said he had a special assignment from Newt, and more or less told Thomas to get lost, refusing to answer any of his questions.


Thomas was so excited to hear this news he temporarily forgot how awful things had become. He remembered Minho acting suspicious the day before, saying he had a special assignment. Thomas looked over at Newt, who nodded.

喜欢的Minewt细节;w; Newt和Minho两个人秘密商量保护地图的事。看了小说会觉得Runner真是很不容易,电影里没有强调这一点,本身这个工作对身体、脑力和心理的负担有多大不说,那种明明知道努力基本等于徒劳但是两年来(电影是三年)从来没放弃的感觉真是……;w; 


“Shouldn't someone give a pep talk or something?” Minho asked, pulling Thomas's attention away from Alby.

“Go ahead,” Newt replied.

Minho nodded and faced the crowd. “Be careful,” he said dryly. “Don't die.”

Thomas would have laughed if he could, but he was too scared for it to come out.

“Great. We're all bloody inspired,” Newt answered, then pointed over his shoulder, toward the Maze.“You all know the plan. After two years of being treated like mice, tonight we're making a stand. Tonight we're taking the fight back to the Creators, no matter what we have to go through to get there. Tonight the Grievers better be scared.”

超喜欢这一段wwwwwwww Alby经历了Changing以后Minho就变成了实际上的领队+主要战斗力,Newt负责战略考虑或者鼓舞士气之类的的问题wwww 不能更相配啊这一对;w;


Newt paused while he looked at Thomas, then Minho. “We need to make sure we have a solid leader when tomorrow comes. There can't be any doubt who's in charge.”

“That's the lamest shuck-faced thing you've ever barked,” Minho said. “You're the leader, and you know it. We all know it.”

Newt shook his head adamantly. “Bein' hungry make you forget the bloody tattoos? You think they're just decorations?”


Instead of answering, Newt stepped closer to Minho and pulled back his shirt to reveal the tattoo there.


Minho shrugged off Newt's hand and started his usual rant of sarcastic remarks.


“Anybody change their mind overnight?” Minho asked. “Speak now or never. Once we go wherever we're going, if some shank decides he's a sissy pants and tries to turn back, I’ll make sure he does it with a broken nose and smashed privates.”

Thomas looked over at Newt, who had his head in his hands and was groaning loudly.

“Newt, you got a problem?” Minho asked, his voice surprisingly stern. Thomas, shocked, waited for Newt's reaction.

The older boy seemed just as surprised. “Uh … no. Just admiring your bloody leadership skills.”

Minho pulled his shirt away from his neck, leaned over to show everyone the tattoo there. “What does that say, slinthead?”

Newt glanced left and right, his face blushing. “We know you're the boss, Minho. Slim it.”

“No, you slim it,” Minho retorted, pointing at Newt. “We don't have time for that kind of klunk. So shut your hole.”

Thomas could only hope that Minho was putting on an act to solidify the decision they'd made for him to be the leader, and that Newt understood. Though if Minho was acting, he was sure doing a good job of it.


“Let's empty out our packs,” Newt said, already taking his off his shoulder. “Wear these sheets like buggin' robes as we check things out. If it works well enough, we can stuff the food and water into half our sheets and use the other half for protection.”


Minho didn't take the same care as Newt; he just upended his pack and let everything drop.

性格还能更互补一点吗两位!ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

“You guys all right?” Minho finally asked.

Thomas grunted a yes, and Newt said, “Pretty sure we just arrived in bloody hell. Always thought you'd end up here, Minho, but not me.”

“Good that,” Minho replied.

觉得按照书里Minho的脾气来看大概只有Newt这样开玩笑他才不会生气。Alby大概也,但是ry【。其实感觉电影里三个人的性格都和书里有区别,区别最大的就是Minho。小说里性格更加直率暴躁一点,有时候看着书会觉得Minho空有战斗力没有头脑,其实完全不是这样www 记得最清楚的就是Gathering上他想办法让Thomas成为Runner,还有后面他指导Thomas画迷宫地图,都让我觉得Minho真聪明不愧是Asian233333333

“Well, what do you bloody want?” Newt asked, stepping up to stand next to Minho. “What's it matter to you if we're Cranks or not?”

站到Minho旁边一起面对敌人的Newt ;w;

“Good. Newt, you lead up front this time, limp and all. Thomas, you in the back. Jack, get someone else to help with Winston to give you a break. Let's go.”


Newt and another boy took Minho from him, carefully dragged him backward over the threshold of the open entrance, his feet hitting the sill as they pulled him through.


Minho was curled up in a ball at Thomas's feet, barely moving; it looked as if every shift sent waves of burning pain through his nerves. Newt was there, also, close, as was Frypan.


Newt let out a big breath. “And that's all you can buggin' think about? What about the people who died, Minho? Jack's missing. So is Winston—he never had a chance. And”—he looked around—“I don't see Stan or Tim, either. What about them?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Minho held his hands up, palms facing Newt. “Slim it nice and calm, brother. I didn't ask to be the shuck leader. You wanna cry all day about what's happened, fine. But that's not what a leader does. A leader figures out where to go and what to do after that's done.”

“Well, guess that's why you got the job, then,” Newt said. But then a look of apology washed over his face. “Whatever. Seriously, sorry. I just …”

“Yeah, I'm sorry, too.” Minho rolled his eyes, though, and Thomas hoped against hope that Newt didn't notice because his gaze had fallen to the floor again.


现在整理的时候又看了一遍Minewt吵架之前Thomas和Newt的交谈,在被剧透【】之后,想到Newt除了担心Minho以外思考的可能会是什么事情、他对Thomas说那些话的时候可能会是什么心情,这部分内容看着简直要哭出来了; _ ; 

Others beside him, around him, in front of him now, all running. Newt with his limp, Minho next to him, eyeing him to make sure he didn't fall.

第二部结束之前最后一处萌萌的Minewt ;w;



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